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We're always working to add more content features to keep your porn addiction fully satisfied. She loves music, movies and considers herself a huge nerd. What if she has been searching for her brother all these time? She doesn't know how, but she starts to gain feelings for Dean, the older Winchester.

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Dean is ready for his last year of high school, but certain complications arise.

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Sam, Dean and Bobby are all happy to have her back, but just how much will it take to help her get back to her old self? I-I'm not strong enough." "Leah." Dean's voice grew hard, and he frowned, gripping his sister's shoulders tightly. To her surprise she got news from her mother that she was moving in with her "dad"...without her mother.

Sam Winchester love story, I don’t own supernatural I just like writing about it. I despise him; I'm disgusted with what he had done. Although she lived somewhere new she thought everything would be the same, but that very night everything ...

Ever since she has made it her job to help restless spirits find peace.