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“Though I am the one who raised you from perdition, you are the one who caught me when I fell" Can Dean finally tell C...(This story is waayyy funnier in enochian, But I'll figure out some humor in english.)Diana is waking up to the world around her.

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However, she isolates herself from a hunter's life and moves to New York to go to college.She manages to have a normal life until an angel shows up at her door one night... Years after the Darkness, after Lucifer and the big bads were once again just a memory passing, that reminder echoed louder than ever.Winchester escorts agency is the best, so if you choose our escort agency you've simply chosen the best for you.The objective of Winchester escort agency is to provide our clients with the best of services while trying to meet the needs of clients.Because I sure as hell hope it doesn't, I can't lov...

Jem Tempest has been able to spirits ever since her mom and dad died in a car crash with her in the back seat.

Sam, Dean and Bobby are all happy to have her back, but just how much will it take to help her get back to her old self? I-I'm not strong enough." "Leah." Dean's voice grew hard, and he frowned, gripping his sister's shoulders tightly. To her surprise she got news from her mother that she was moving in with her "dad"...without her mother.

Sam Winchester love story, I don’t own supernatural I just like writing about it. I despise him; I'm disgusted with what he had done. Although she lived somewhere new she thought everything would be the same, but that very night everything ...

A new boy, a sick brother, and a stupid bet force Dean to make stupid decisions that ultimately bring him more pain.

(I suck at these, so I apologize for making you read it.

When she was ten, something killed her mother and later on, her father.