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Several Windows 7 users have reported that when they try to check for new updates using Windows Update, it keeps checking for updates for hours.

The progress bar keeps showing progress animation which makes you think that Windows Update is doing something but even after waiting for hours, nothing happens.

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Now it's time to test and eventually point production DNS traffic towards them.In order to begin enforcing your settings, DNS traffic from the endpoints on your network must exclusively use the VAs as DNS forwarder.Today in this tutorial, we are going to address one of the most annoying and strange problems present in Windows 7 operating system.This problem is related to built-in Windows Update program which regularly checks for new updates at Microsoft servers and downloads and installs them in Windows OS to keep your computer safe and faster.The reason behind this irritating problem is a little bit funny!

Actually Microsoft has released a few updates for the Windows Update client program.

If the test succeeds, perform the same test again, but this time with a local resource, such as a domain controller or mail server. (VA IP Address) If the result is something other than expected, ensure the domain was added to the Internal Domains section of the Umbrella dashboard as outlined in Local DNS Forwarding.

Before sending most or all of your network's DNS traffic to the VAs, testing with several endpoints is highly recommended.

Windows Update just gets stuck at "Checking for updates" screen and Windows 7 doesn't download and install any update.

It also affects overall system performance and if you check Task Manager, the process occupies high CPU resources and memory usage.

If the new updates which upgrade Windows Update client version, are not installed in a Windows 7 machine, it starts giving this annoying issue and the Windows Update program hangs at "Checking for updates" screen and never downloads updates from Microsoft servers.