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I've been roleplaying for a good 5-6 years, give or take.

And I'm fortunate enough to usually get a lot of free time so I can be rather fairly active when it comes to roleplaying in general.

4) Deleting old posts- If a Mod removes one of your posts, please do not delete it. We keep track of who breaks the rules and if you try to cover your tracks by deleting posts, you will be banned.

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I just want to take a moment and address a few issues that seem to be coming up frequently. 1) Banned Words- This sub is for finding roleplay's over Kik only.If you make a post looking to play on different platforms, chances are the Auto mod will remove your post. If you make a post asking for a young girl, young boy, little girl, baby, and you don't include in age in numbers, your post will be removed.But, Monday's and Tuesday's are quiet until the afternoon due to tech and looking after my puppy.Anyhow, I'm wishing to find a partner who would be interested in roleplaying long term with the One Punch Man fandom in mind.Mainly looking for females but if you have a good idea I'd be open minded.

For mxm roleplays I like to be fucked as well as fuck.Again, if you ask for an ageplay roleplay and don't include the ages in your post, it can be removed.3) Roleplay only- This isn't a sub for chatting, trade, jerk off buddies, live pics and videos, real life relationships, its for role-playing. If it reads like a real life request than it will be treated like one and removed. If you are ready for hot phone sex, Cum-on, give us a call! This adult phonesex site contains adult oriented, age restricted material. now it's time to sit back, relax, call one of our hot phone sex numbers directly to the lady of your choice.Access is available to only those who accept the terms and conditions of the following agreement: Had a hard day (no pun intended) or can't sleep? There are no taboos, no limits, all calls are anything goes.My kik is brrl22 message me with your kinks, limits, and any ideas you might have.