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Not sure how true they are at the moment but I hope the cast of Season 4 comes back.

I’m curious how the Oliver and Jane thing plays out, or what happened with Patrick and Sally at the end of the sixth episode.

It’s about 40 minutes long and it shows all the behind the scenes from the show.

Susan and Steve are arguing about the baby being born and how Steve thinks pregnancy is like John Hurt in Aliens.Also, Steve is talking to Jeff on the phone as he leaves for the island of “” Patrick (Ben Miles) tells Sally he has to leave for vacation and she’s upset by that.By the end of the season (6 episodes), the guys form a bond.They serve as a mentor, so to speak, to Oliver, and welcome him into the group.Starring Jack Davenport, Sarah Alexander, Gina Bellman, Ben Miles, Kate Isitt, Richard Mylan Written By: Steven Moffat Directed By: Martin Dennis Studio: BBC Home Video/ Warner Home Video Buy on link Even though Jeff isn’t on the show anymore, Coupling still delivers many laughs.

Also, the show starts to go in a different direction, which is a more serious one.Oliver (Richard Mylan), the new guy in the group, is nervously waiting to go on his blind date with Jane.All these separate events collide into one big funny episode.I liked the interview with Richard Mylan who plays Oliver.He was asked about being the new guy on the show, the Jeff fan backlash and other things.But things on the show have to move on but Jeff fans have not. It just means other characters have to step it up in the humor department.