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You will get your training delivered to you in the following formats: 1. By doing this, she ensures your seduction techniques aren't as outdated as a "Members Only" jacket, or "Hammer Pants." In her guide, Tiffany shows you how you can become the guy that women will go crazy over and desire to date and sleep with you. That's okay, because Tiffany guarantees that even if you're completely shy, she can transform you into a guy who will never fear rejection.

She shows you step by step what to say and how to control the conversation and trigger the desire inside of them to want to date you or have a one night stand with you.

They were looking for men who wanted to volunteer for a project.

They chose 20 men who responded to the ad and rated themselves as average or below average when it came to seduction abilities.

Here's an example of one of the angry emails she got: She really hit a nerve with this guide with other women.

Most women, like the fact that guys are clueless and they have all the power.

They don't like that the beans are being spilled in this guide.

If you're still wondering if there are advantages to having a seduction guide written by a woman, check out this testimonial she received: "I have bought almost every pickup guide on the net and I must say, yours is the first one that has gotten me results.

They have put in the work, training, and time to become a master.

Martial arts have been using a belt system for over 2500 years.

Best of all, unlike most seduction material out there, you are not limited strictly to text. Her guide is called: "Guy Gets Girl." You don't have to worry about outdated, stale, information.

Black Belt Seduction is committed to delivering you content in innovative ways. When you buy Guy Gets Girl, she continually updates information.

You believe this because you are not: What you need to know is this kind of thinking is “beta male” thinking.