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To get approval, the equipment supplier must go through a multi-step test procedure involving GESAMP and BWWG approval of the environmental impact of the discharged water, the Flag State s approval of the system after land-based and sea-based trials, and, finally, the Flag State s issuance of a Type Approval Certificate (although the Flag State will normally use a classification society to verify and assure the quality of the test and data, and to issue the certificate).Paint companies can only advise on compatibility at this stage because BWT is still an evolving technology, and there is limited in-service experience with the systems.

However, the current test protocol and review process could be improved. Photo courtesy of Ocean Saver the process is the responsibility of GESAMP/IMO MEPC, the recognized body to approve test methods, evaluate results, and approve systems.

From an IPPIC point of view, the main concerns are that several systems rely on active substances that could potentially have an adverse effect on the ballast tank protective coating.

To understand the operation of these systems, and the exact conditions generated, requires specialist knowledge, which the paint manufacturers do not have.

The speaker emphasized that the systems that work by chemical treatment are of most concern to the paint industry.

Zebra mussels are common in Europe but are not indigenous to North America.

Transported into the Great Lakes in the late 1980s, the mussels have since spread to many other lakes and rivers in the USA and Canada.

All information is based on the original dates of publication of the materials in JPCL.

The Buying Guide is organized by exposure type, such as Exterior Superstructures, Marine, Weathering, & UV, for steel substrate types.

This article reviews the presentations made at this workshop.

Ballast Water Treatment: Assessing the Risks The scene was set by Lynda Speed of Safinah Ltd, who introduced the new IMO regulation and explained how it was in conflict with the existing Performance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) for ballast tanks.

The BWT test requirements are set by IMO MEPC (based on advice of the Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection, GESAMP).