You tube wanda dating game

Each and every guy who danced with them got to feel them up and expose their tit to the crowd.

She especially likes the feeling of being a slut and used like a sperm bank.Wanda and another slut friend, Josefina (Josie for short) went to a party dressed in tight skirts, silk blouses, dark thigh-high stockings and 5" black patent leather high-heeled pumps.Every time a dance would end they got slower and slower about putting their exposed tit away.Two of the first guys to dance with them got a second chance and this time they both pulled both tits out of their blouses.He slipped his hand inside her blouse, pulled back the material and let her left tit pop out.

He continued to dance with her while her tit was exposed for everyone to see.

While Wanda danced with her new friend, she made sure that her tits rubbed against his chest.

The guy decided to take some liberties and cupped her left tit in his right hand.

She has no inhibitions about doing a guy or guys in public.

In fact, having a group of people watching her turns her on.

When the song ended they were so hot and wasted that they didn't bother to cover themselves up.