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Lastly, the controller is essentially identical to what we did in the Simple Zend_Form Example: , so you can see what it looks like: As you can see, although Zend Framework 1.5 doesn't have file upload element built in, adding one is not especially hard.In fact, we have more code used to validate that and provide an error message on failure than we do for the upload itself!

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The form has two fields: a text field called 'description' and the file upload field called 'file', along with a submit button.As Zend Framework doesn't have it's own file element, we will create our own called member variable to 'form File' so that the correct element is rendered when the form is displayed.For a file, this is not true as the data is with the for the file element to provide two functionalities: * Set the value to the contents of correct sub-array of the $_FILES array .* Automatically turn on a custom validator called Valid File which will check if the upload succeeded.Since there’s not a standard Zend Validate validator for this scenario, I’ve written a custom validator that seems to do the trick.

Again, please note that allow Empty has been set to false on the child field.As usual, here's a zip file of this project: Zend_Form_File Upload_(It includes Zend Framework 1.5.1 which is why it's 3.9MB big).Test it out and maybe use it as the basis of your file uploading needs with Zend_Form. This element adds filters and validators to it’s input filter specification in order to validate HTML5 datetime input values on the server.input element as it is waiting on a file upload component to build upon. This is a super simple example showing how to do file uploads with Zend_Form in Zend Framework 1.5.$newsletter Optin = new Zend_Form_Element_Checkbox( 'newsletter Optin' ); $newsletter Optin- I have been having the same problem as detailed above.