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A gray area on the technical specifications was spotted and the losing bidders filed a protest. Update Date November 12, 2001 By: Anonymous Submitted by Pepe. Forget hepatitis; here's cheap, tasty food with gritty ambience. Snoozing in the middle of the day is smart, not lazy. Truly someone to emulate and be proud of, anytime, anywhere. 38) Although there are now creative ways to eat Spam, you still like it the classic Filipino way - fried with rice and ketchup. Umuwi si Juan sa probinsya at may nakita siyang isang mahabang pila.

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Update Date August 27, 2001 Submitted by gg522 of Fort Worth, TX. Wife is crying during burial when flag was given to her. So, the building owner, contractor, and bandaged survivors experienced the terror of being grilled for hours in both hearings, all answering the same questions. The suspects, this time armed with underemployed lawyers, questioned the procedures, and soon enough the authorities spent their waking hours fending off accusations from volunteer groups and the Commission on Human Rights alleged human rights violations. As long as it has a designer label on it, you'll wear it. The hijackers were dead and their suspected fellow terrorists were still at large. 10) You don't care if a T-shirt was made in the Philippines or the USA. Most of the floors were empty because of poor business conditions. The lengths (and miles) we'd go for a better life for our family, as proven by these modern-day heroes of the economy. From Luna's magnificent "Spoliarium" and Amorsolo's sun-kissed ricefields, to Ang Kiukok's jarring abstractions and Borlongan's haunting ghosts, and everybody else in between. Juan: heheheh tagumpay tagumpay ang mission ko ilang oras na ang lumipas at umiiyak parin ang nanay ni Juan at Pedro.tanong ni Juan Juan: nanay bakit po kao umiiyak? The terrorists finally crashed into a building, but its few occupants survived. " Home version of who wants to be a millionaire: Husband: dear puede ka ba ngayon? pag katapos nyang ipunas ay nag tulog tulugan sya para sya ma ibalik sa kama nya... maka balik na nga kay mister at maka "TULOG" Kinabukasan ay umiiyak ang nanay ni Juan at Pedro.... Sprinkle some salt and suck out that soup, with gusto. A personalized door-to-door remittance and delivery system for overseas Filipino workers who don't trust the banking system, and who expect a family update from the courier, as well. Crumbly peanut chocolate bars that defined childhood ecstasy before M & M's and Hershey's. To eat with one's hand and eschew spoon, fork and table manners--ah, heaven. There is in the crunch a hint of the extravagant, the decadent and the pedestrian. Home-cooked meals that have the stamp of approval from several generations, who swear by closely-guarded cooking secrets and family recipes. The voice one heard spinning tales over the radio, before movies and television curtailed imagination and defined grown-up tastes. Home is where one can let it all hang out, where clothes do not make a man or woman but rather define their level of comfort. Certainly not to top popularity ratings in the next surveys of the Social Weather Stations. It turned out that Asia's oldest but equally bonsai stock exchange had two locations run by two factions. halos ubusin na nya ang gatas ni nanay kaya wala tuloy akong ma dede.

If the driver's a daredevil (as they usually are), hang on to your seat. Blood stew, a bloodcurdling idea, until you try it with puto. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to show off the prettiest ladies--and the most beautiful gowns. Unhatched duck's embryo, another unspeakable ethnic food to outsiders, but oh, to indulge in guilty pleasures! Adobo, kare-kare, sinigang and other lutong bahay stuff. Update Date October 14, 2001 100 BEST THINGS ABOUT BEING PINOY - Continuation By: Anonymous Submitted by Pepe. They wanted to inflict terror, not to solicit applause. At ganito ang ng yari Juan: Gago tong kapatid ko ah..

A: Payless Instant Mami Update Date September 3, 2001 Submitted by Solivar. A good one is almost like a surrogate parent--if you don't mind the accent and the predilection for afternoon soap and movie stars. Its upgrading project had been in limbo ever since the Senate investigation on the Marconi radar contract. kinuha ni Juan ang lason sa kanyang lampin at ipinunas sa kabilang dede ng kanyang nanay.

Plus there's the colorful cart that recalls jeepney art. The trusted Filipino nanny who, ironically, has become a major Philippine export as overseas contract workers. The passion of their religious militancy would be lost in the world of Philippine business intramurals. Unknown to him, the control tower could not have done it since its radar was barely capable of launching and landing aircraft in proper sequence. noong gabing iyong umuyak si Juan,,, Juan: WAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAA anong narining sya ng nanay nya ay binuhat sya at pinadede.

The inevitable congressional investigations followed. Witnesses received subpoenas from the Senate and the House for hearings on the same day these were issued. And when you do take things, you deny that the action is not a Filipino trait.

The furor continued as politicians stumbled over each other issuing statements. (Hawaii) You've lived in Kalihi or Waipahu or in a plantation town like Kihei, Kekaha, Kau, or Keaau 9) You don't steal things (i.e., towels, soaps, tissues, cups) hotel rooms like your parents did.

This triggered protests from civil society, which viewed the attack as "politically motivated" and as nothing but a brazen attempt to destroy evidence for the Sandiganbayan trial. Midnight madness, weekends sales, bangketas and baratillos. 1) You understand a lot of Tagalog, but can hardly speak it. 3) As a child, you were totally embarrassed to eat spaghetti with sliced hot dogs in it. 7) You still take off your shoes when entering a house.