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You will be a solitary figure on the beach hanging on to a palm tree, and she will be the 50 foot tidal wave approaching the beach, waiting to come crashing down upon you.

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Those who embrace being called a bitch and the girl who really isn’t so much a bitch as she is crazy.Crazy girl will be so offended by being called a bitch that you will not have eyes after this conversation. ” Right way: “Jennifer, baby, I am so sorry my phone rang and woke you up from your peaceful sleep.Typical bitch conversation: Bitch: “During Thanksgiving, your dad said he actually preferred me over you. He knew we would win because I’m smarter than you are. He picked you because you are hot and he wanted to be creepy. And for the record, ‘Doug’ doesn’t even count as a word in Scrabble!” Bitch: “Well it’s pretty funny that at age 50, your dad looks a hell of a lot better than you do. I can’t help it that you and your mom suck at Scrabble.Get out and walk home and then when you get home in three hours, you can apologize and I might forgive you if you are lucky.” Bitches cut deep.

They will say things that leave you wondering for days.She will have clawed them out and ate them in front of you as a punishment. I think you were having a dream about a fluffy little kitten.You will receive a claw mark across the face, a drink poured over your head, and a lit match to top it off. You looked so sweet and you kept saying, ‘Come here, Mr. I just want to get a little insight on why they like this type of treatment. I just wanted to know why.class, and self respect, have nothing to do with what someone does in the's all internal.theres a cute girl at work, wants to **** you, knows your married, doesn't care? thats a way to determine a persons class, or self respect.judging someone just cause they like to be spanked, or tied up and called nasty names, versus if they do it every day at 9 o clock, just before bed, but quick enough to catch the tonight show with jay leno just before bed, mainly missionary style...isn't a way to judge someones charactor, class, self respect or anything else. Role playing in the bedroom, you be surprised at what kind of women play this game. Look people, some women like to be called a "b*tch" during sex.Believe it or not, once upon a time I was just a caring, optimistic girl looking for love in my life.