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The roller-coaster ride is ongoing, and will always repeat itself.No Contact and getting support from those who have also been through it, is the only way to go when breaking free.

Probably one of the most confusing and difficult things we all face when being involved with a Narcissist, is the crazing making ‘painful’ cycles of breaking up, followed by the HIGH’s of making up.Unfortunately, it is an inevitable process that comes along with being involved in a Narcissistic Relationship!Without having the support you need, you may find it very difficult to stay away.After all, a Narcissist is relentless when it comes to securing his sources, and he will often use all kinds of manipulative behavior to suck you back in to the relationship.Whether that be new Narcissistic Source Of Supply, or old sources.

After all, it’s a life-long effort to obtain these sources, which he always use at his disposal. This is why he use every lure, and go to great measures to lure you back in, only to immediately revert after he knows he has succeeded.Anyone who has painfully been through the motions of having to get over a break up with a Narcissist, will tell you that when they come back, they always revert afterwards. Not only so, in my experience, there is not one story of someone taking a Narcissist back, where the story ended up changing for the better..Every time the story ends the same, and you are the one left picking up the pieces! In fact, he skips off without hesitation, and shows no sign of remorse, guilt or shame!Much like in the beginning when meeting a Narcissist, he puts on a great act, and he uses his best performance to lure you in and win you over!As time passes, you immediately notice a drastic change in his behavior, the way he treats you and the cycles of idealization and devaluation begin to root!In reality, though most victims want to believe this behavior is based upon his real and genuine desire of wanting to be with them, and wanting the relationship to work, the sad truth is..