Gravity rather intimidating

He called it the fabric of According to General Relativity, matter stretches and contracts the fabric of space-time, such that objects aren’t mysteriously pulled towards the center of the Earth, but rather pushed downwards by the warped space above them.Emulating a slope, the curvature of space-time accelerates objects that move downward, although the rate of this acceleration isn’t the same at all points.

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But how is this possible when we recall that the speed of light, according to Maxwell, must be constant, regardless of the motion of an observer – a so-called “fundamental” fact of the Universe?

To compensate for this discrepancy, Einstein suggested that time itself slowed down such that the speed of light remained constant! It was special because it dealt with constant velocities.

And for its malleability, it deserved, like space, its own dimension.

In fact, Einstein claimed that the two were one and the same thing, a flexible 4-dimensional fabric on which the events of the Cosmos unfolded.He claimed that this was a fundamental Whereas, Newton’s law implied that velocities are always relative.The speed of a car traveling at 40 mph is 40 mph relative to a stationary observer, but only 20 mph relative to a car traveling adjacent to it at 20 mph. Not only are they filled with intimidating machines, they are often times comprised of large numbers of people that are in very good shape.Though many workout machines provide visual instruction on or near them, these instructions can still be confusing, and are often vague.For the free-falling object, according to Special Relativity, time at B must pass relatively slower than it would pass at A, because the object’s velocity is faster at B. This is not just a question that obnoxious philosophy undergrads ask each other at frat parties.