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At the same time, less developed INTPs may find themselves drawn to individuals who are wounded or needy.

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Hence, INTPs look for partners who are intelligent, creative, and interested in personal growth.

INTPs may struggle to maintain interest in those lacking sufficient intelligence, open-mindedness, or interests in intellectual or psychospiritual explorations.

They are slow to speak negatively of others, able to forgive and forget what other types might find offensive.

Such qualities, combined with their intelligence and ambitiousness, can be of great appeal to prospective partners.

However, because of their dominant function’s penchant for inner control and autonomy (Ti), INTPs can be leery of making Fe commitments, which carry the potential to shackle their independence.

The fact that INTPs can enjoy working independently for long periods of time may also discourage them from complicating their lives with relationships.

INTPs crave a lot of unfettered alone time and are rarely happy with partners who seem overly needy, demanding, or controlling.

INTPs instinctively rebel in relationships where they feel smothered, stifled, or restrained.

This tug-of-war between their Ti and Fe is a central and recurrent dilemma for INTPs.

At some level, INTPs feel like they need people and want an intimate relationship, while on another, they are afraid of losing themselves and their cherished freedom if they commit. Most partners are reluctant to grant them the degree of freedom and autonomy they desire, leading them to try to control the INTP.

The INTJ-ESFJ relationship has 3 preference similarities and 1 preference difference.