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Soon afterwards, Fred Korth, the Navy Secretary, was also forced to resign because of the F-111 contract. Penn Jones claimed that it was Nancy Carole Tyler who leaked the story that John F.

(11) Reports circulated in Washington that the White House was pushing the Baker investigation to embarrass Lyndon B. Kennedy wanted George Smathers to replace Johnson as his vice president in 1964.

He later recalled: The newspapers had a number of articles, t particularly.

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This was a private club in the Carroll Arms Hotel on Capitol Hill.

"Its membership was comprised of senators, congressmen, lobbyists, Capitol Hill staffers, and other well-connecteds who wanted to enjoy their drinks, meals, poker games, and shared secrets in private accommodations".

Almost two months to the day after she joined Bobby's staff she got her first increase to ,052.11.

Four months later, in August, 1961, her salary was boosted to ,538.19 and that October - eight months after she joined his staff Bobby promoted Nancy Carole to clerk for the secretary to the majority, a kind of administrative assistant, and raised her pay to ,753.34. Nancy Carole's salary was boosted again, this time to ,296.07." (4) In November, 1962, Tyler moved into the townhouse Baker purchased.

Three years later she was Baker's private secretary at ,000 a year.

Chain-smoking, martini-drinking, party-loving Carole also became a favorite in Baker's high-flying circle of acquaintances." (6) In 1961 Baker, with the help of Tyler, established the Quorum Club.

One journalist pointed out: "How do you build a two million dollar fortune in eight years on a salary of less than ,000?

The answer is that Bobby found it easy because so many people were ready to help him." (9) Baker was investigated by Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

Our first involvement in it came, I suppose, in a conversation I had with Ben Bradlee... I can't remember exactly what it was, but they printed it in . This included the award of a billion contract for a fighter plane, the F-111, to General Dynamics, a company based in Texas.

He asked me if we would look into it, and I said we would look into it." (10) Robert Kennedy discovered Baker had links to Clint Murchison and several Mafia bosses. On 7th October, 1963, Bobby Baker was forced to resign his post.

Though I knew the guilt of a longtime family man with a loyal wife and five children, I did nothing to discourage our romance once it began." (3) The author of (1964) pointed out: "Nancy Carole joined Bobby's staff with the title of telephone page for the majority, a job which paid her ,687.56 to start.