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It’s interesting that whatever file you last selected (and path copied to clipboard?

) is what is pasted even if you select another directory (not a file) and use the keyboard shortcut. it does copy all the files if i have selected more than one file. if i select file 1, it copies that path, file 2 it copies that one.

Even Mac Yourself’s clever workaround from 2009 doesn’t work anymore in OS X 10.7 Lion. Before we get started, we should establish some goals.

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Second, at least a 16GB USB flash drive, such as this San Disk Cruzer Micro for about at Amazon.Keep in mind 10.6 Snow Leopard was used to demonstrate this tutorial, so I’m not sure how much space 10.5, 10.4, and earlier require.so I can set up another shortcut to copy the file path as “file:///Users/j Mara/Documents/Doc1.doc”. “Warm UP” then when they click it, it shows that plan in PDF form.When they click “MAIN ACTIVITY” then my pdf comes up with that specific page…spaces and other reserved characters like & need to be prepended (escaped) by a \ (backslash) e.g.

/Volumes/My\ Data/random_stuff_\&_research a server volume needs to be mounted before you can use the path above, I’ve used a shell script – #!

Let’s take that a few steps further and say we want to: From now on these 3 easy steps are all you have to do to copy and paste file paths from Finder to your clipboard and, ultimately, another application. Finally, this tutorial was written specifically for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, so the steps involving Automator might be a little different if you’re running an older version. I found that if you need the directory, select a file within the directory and use the shortcut you created, paste where you need it, and just delete the file works well (although, a little more inconvenient).

I haven’t the time to figure out how to do it right.

this works fine for the Volume path but you can’t send those for someone sharing a network to click on and get the file… This works and combined with cmd-shift-G lets me paste a file path in a good enough way. Here is what I’m trying to get done: I have a document that I actually send to clients as a PDF when it’s completely ready.

This should be standard of course, like it was in XP. They just tend to change the stuff they get right in the next release! I have the same question as Mike’s I want to prepend “file://” to the file path, I guess I need to deal something with “Run Shell Script”? This is fabulous, Although the key “command shfit c” does NOT work for me, the “copy file path” option appears under “services”, when I simply right-click on the file name, in the Finder window. This was the first time I felt capable as I got it to work in a plain word doc as I tested it! Inside that doc is a schedule of activities that I want to have people be able to click for the details and instructions of that activity, ie.

Learn how to create your own OS X service that lets you copy & paste the paths of files and folders in Finder.