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I like Carhill just fine, though his mod personality was necessarily annoying because who likes criticism, right?

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You give some advice and receive 0 likes, and the popular cool kid gives exactly the same advice 3 pages later with 10 likes.

It is true about people ganging up on others, and if you stand up to the bullies then they will come after you.

There were times when people were rude and harmful to those who were seeking out help.

Many posters just wanted to be heard rather than help people, or wanted to provide 'tough love' when it was not in order.

Eh, I was occasionally moderated like the rest of you, but having run a site myself before, I get it.

Some poster was telling a girl, who experienced assault, that a real rape victim would fight back. I dont understand why this forum is regarded as wise.

If you need relationship advice, just go to a family member or friend if you can. I think it is odd that I was frequently talking to so many strangers on there who had a bit of a glimpse into my life - and now these people will forever be strangers. This site was very helpful in 2013 when I faced my first heartbreak and needed advice, comfort and empathy that I could not find in real life.

People on the internet will never care as much as they do. Anyway, I recognize a few names on here who have eulogized LS in their own words. I did learn a lot about relationships, society and humanity.

Most of the facts of life and relationships seem to be social, not brute facts.

For many posters, there is no grey - just their own truth.

If for nothing else, must admit that I'm experiencing some schadenfreude over the loss of his imaginary fiefdom. A chapter long forgotten until I happened on this review by accident so I joined to say "hi" to some of you and to add to the chorus of dissatisfied old members... Yes the mods got heavy handed - I often did not know why I get suspended for a day or two.