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or is it just the inner fan in me wanting her to be in the next senbatsu? XD i heard people from kansai are good at it *winks* nah acchan just split the beans in her blog that nyan-nyan met them in shibuya yesterday…!

Sources say that Oshima and Wentz met when they both appeared in the TV Asahi drama series “Angel Bank ~ Tenshoku Dairinin,” which aired this past winter.

After that, Wentz has reportedly visited AKB48′s Akihabara theater to watch Oshima perform, and he even attended the group’s concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium earlier this month.

But without doubt, Oshima was definitely free that day.

On the other hand, Yui Yokoyama went to a stone spa with Shizuka Oya of Team A.

The two are said to have a lot in common, such as starting in show business at a very young age and enjoying soccer.

July 26th was AKB48's Team K captain Sayaka Akimoto's special birthday celebration performance at their theater.she’s blooming lately…i don’t know why x D but is it because she just turned 19? XD looks like their managers are setting them loose in japan…its like a vacation and a job at the same time lol its mos def a great place for those netizens to take stalker pics all day XD there is never a good way to refresh the mind after a week of reallly shocking and surprising news in the world of idoldom than to look at nice and fun-filled pics x D i went moe~ again when i saw the new updates from VYJ’s special photo site with mayuyu,sasshi and kitarie on cosplay the 2010 akb48 senbatsu election is over and the results are in. shibuya is a cool place when it comes to japanese fashion so haruna being there is no question but why the hell is KARA there lol shopping much?!She probably feels incredibly upset, especially with the Yuko rumors. They may have had work on show time, and have done these coisasdepois or earlier. And who does not give us celebrated before or after? I mean things it should be the management who decided which girls have to show up for which stage, right?As for Yui, she shouldn't have been showing off the fact she wasn't there. And who knows, maybe they don't have time to practice for the stage because they have other works and just happen to be free during the actual show. Once you're a main member, you're supposed to show up at every stage performance that your team has.Honestly though, if the girls get some time off, they should spend it how they'd like.